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Book cheap flight tickets at and get some amazing discounts and deals basis the flight booking. New users can harness more discount on both domestic as well as international flight tickets. Here at Universal Air Ticket, we offer extremely competitive and cheap flight tickets for the American and Canadian Citizens to book reservations anytime, anywhere.

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Cheap flight tickets in advance

Plan your journey and book cheap flight tickets as early as possible. It can be done atleast a month before the commencement of the travel. It is always better to book ticket on a prior basis, rather near the travel date. There is always a possibility of less ticket charge upto 70% if you book ticket on a prior basis. So, it is important to apply this simple step while booking international flight, it would always land up as cheap flight tickets and make you fetch huge profits.


Mid week prices are better than weekend prices


Most of the airlines announce the ticket sales since Monday, mostly at the beginning of the week. Later in the mid of the week, most of the competitors try to match the prices and start giving discounts on the same route. It is really important that one avoids booking flights for the weekend dates, as the prices relatively get higher, leading to a huge hike in fares. To get cheap flight tickets for international travel, it is always important to book the tickets for weekdays, instead weekends.


Cheap flight tickets with cash-back, promotional benefits etc.


Aggregator websites like Universal offer cheap flight tickets with the offers like – cashback, promotional benefits, and corporate prices etc. which bring out extremely discounted prices for all sorts of trips. You can also avail discount on return fare provided in case one uses coupon code and make the booking using the stipulated credit card.



Cheap flight tickets for all – Individuals, Corporate Groups and Family Groups


Here at Universal Air Ticket, we don’t offer ticket for a single person, but we offer flight tickets for the whole group as well, like – family group or a corporate group. Our team manages most of the Airlines for our Canadian and American audiences and gets the bookings on time at rates with booking discounts like – discounted business, group fares savings, class fares, corporate prices, ensuring incomparable savings. So, if you want to get the bookings done at the discounted prices and on an early note, get it touch with Universal Air Tickets and enjoy your air travel without putting holes into your pocket.

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